Fun things to check out

I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses.  It is a passion of mine, because I'd rather see that money go to someone who will appreciate the business rather than some big wig company that doesn't even notice the difference.

Below is a list of small businesses that I've had the great pleasure of shopping with, and I hope you will do the same.  These wonderful people have some incredible talents to share, and what better way to do that than word-of-mouth?  :)

Emm's Art  - This young lady and I have been friends for many years now.  I met her through an obscure website called MySpace back in.... I believe 2007-08.  We've shared a LOT of laughs over the years, and she is one of the most artistic, talented people I have ever met.  This page features some of her artwork she's done.

Scrubs & Rubs, LLC - This is my friend, Emm's other page, for her lotions, lip balms, soaps.  She just revamped the formulas on her products, and the results are just incredible!

Missy Rose Studios - I've purchased soaps and jewelry from her.  She makes everything by hand.   She is a really gifted lady, and I enjoy doing business with her.

LillyNRay Designs - I met this gal on Livejournal not too long ago in a comm for people looking for new friends to connect with.  She has some neat stuff in her shop!  Go check her out!  :)

DorffStuff - I have one of her pieces, "Laura Palmer in Plastic," hanging in my living room.  This gal is a friend of my brother's, and she is incredibly talented.  Check out her stuff!

RJ Ranch Designs - My friend, Cassandra, is located right here in the USA!  She's got some really neat mugs, shotgun shell keychains, wall art, all kinds of neat stuff to choose from!  Check her out!  She's reasonably priced and takes custom orders!

Chillin' With Chocolate - What could be better than the smooth sound of a cello playing in the background softly while you're enjoying some handcrafted chocolate and a good wine?  These ladies can bring you precisely that!  Located in Eugene, Oregon, they can do wine-and-chocolate pairing events at your office or home.  They use cocoa beans that are sustainably sourced from direct and fair trade farmers, and local wines crafted right in Eugene!  Contact them for a pairing event in your home or office!

Caffe' Pacori - Woodroasted coffee, anyone?  Woodroasted coffee is far smoother, and less acidic.  The beans are the highest quality Arabica beans from all over the world, roasted in small batches daily, to ensure the best-tasting coffee you can find!

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