Angels Assisting Felines

Summer of 2016, my husband and I were extended the extraordinary honour to be able to join in the rescue efforts of Angels Assisting Felines Rescue Group of Ohio.  Where we live, in our complex, there have been upwards around 40+ cats rescued by my friend, Mary, brought in for vet care - spay/neuter, shots - and matched with loving fur-ever homes.

These innocent cats, no matter their circumstances, are all being given a new lease on life, as the saying goes.  My husband and I got brought in as rescue partners in June when we were blessed with fostering two cats, Brewsky and Tommy.  Brewsky was adopted to a really neat family and is doing very well.  Tommy was offered to us, because he'd bonded not only with us, but with our Dachshund and one of our two cats.  The other cat... He's being a bit of a big baby about making friends, but.... They're working things out.  ;)  

Mary and my husband and I share feeding and watering responsibilities of these amazing little kitties.  We split the days of the week up where my husband and I feed on some days, and Mary on others.  During these feeding times, we try to get to know the cats, we try to interact with them (if they come out and let themselves be seen), and gain their trust.  In just the short time we've been partnered with Angels Assisting Felines, we've had the wonderful experience of seeing a few new furry friends work up the courage for human interaction and contact, and eventually be taken in for medical attention and then fur-ever homes adopting them.  Below are pictures of some of the kitties we've helped.

This is our new little friend, Grey.  Grey's gender is not known, so we've been saying the male pronouns when discussing him, it's just kinder than saying "it."  Grey showed up the morning of 16 October, when Ashes was being rescued.  Mary discovered him, he was hanging back a little.  She put food and water out for him and tried to get him to come closer, but he held back, with the saddest look on his face.  Almost like he was saying, "I want to trust you, I do, but I've been hurt, and I'm scared."  Grey showed up at the feeding station where my husband and I were able to rescue Sweetie on the 17th of October.  He didn't meow, he didn't really do anything just lay right at the tree line and watch me very closely.  I didn't even realize he was there until I was done taking care of setting up the food bowl and went to pick up the water bowl to rinse it out and wipe out any excess dirt so I could put fresh water in it.  I saw him watching me, and I greeted him, hoping he'd wander out like Ashes did.  He didn't, he was just happy to lay there and watch me.  I didn't move too quick, so as to not startle him and scare him off.  I talked to him the whole time I was working, in a quiet voice, telling him he's okay, we're not going to hurt him.  My husband was about 5 feet away, but he did see Grey and spoke to him, too.  Once I got the water bowl set up, I started to walk away, and I saw movement, and turned to see he'd come out and was investigating the food bowl.  I told him he's safe, he's allowed to be there, it's okay, and he then decided to trust me and tucked into the bowl.  I'm hoping we're able to get him rescued soon.  Poor guy looked just so so sad.  UPDATE!!!!  GREY HAS BEEN RESCUED!!!  As of this writing, 19 December 2016, 1.03p EST, GREY HAS BEEN RESCUED!!!!!!!!!!  UPDATE 2.0:  As of this writing, NYE going into 2017, Mr Grey is going to be adopted by a really neat couple that have a warehouse and he'll have all the love he can stand and then some!  I am so excited about this.  :)

Adopted Fall 2016
This is Ashes. This little cat showed up not too long ago, we'd hear her meowing, but never saw her. A few days ago, she finally came out of the bushes and seemed pretty friendly (I've pet her and she seemed like she was okay with it). She's got stunning blue eyes, and kind of a light grey colour, which is why we've come up with the name "Ashes," because she looks like she's been sprinkled with ashes. UPDATE: She's been taken to my partner's cattery to relax and get groomed (she's covered in mats in her fur), and get ready to go to the vet for care so she can be adopted out.  It's been discovered she has been spayed, she's got the spay scar on her abdomen....................  and declawed on all four feet!?  >:'(  She's a very loving cat, and she will make a great companion for someone.  There's already interest in her, a couple that my partner knows that really would love to meet her as soon as she's ready to be adopted.  UPDATE!  She's been adopted by a woman in Centerville, she's relaxed, she's filled out, her fur is completely white again, she's doing amazing in her new home.

alt text  This is Brewsky. He and his friend, Tommy (who is now my and Shawn's cat), came to us to be fostered on 28 June 2016. This little guy has always been very mellow and sweet, the first day he was here, he settled in like he's been here his entire life. Mary worked very hard to find someone who'd be a good match for a fur-ever home for this little guy. It didn't take long, and now he's got a family who loves him very much and he's doing amazingly well.

This is our little friend, Golden Graham.  We thought this cat had been rescued (as of January 2017), but that wasn't the case, turned out to be a completely different cat!  Golden Graham is still out and about, but I have since seen him over where we'd rescued Sweetie.  He's been hanging about over there for awhile now, and has slowly been getting more comfortable with the idea of coming out to say hello.  As of this writing, 4 February 2017, I have been able to get within about 3 1/2 feet of him.  Not quite close enough for physical contact, but he'll (hopefully) come around soon.  I'm hoping!    UPDATE!!!  It is my joyous pleasure to tell you all that Golden Graham has been rescued on 12 February 2017!  On 7 Februay 2017, she allowed me to pet her, and I was able, also in that same encounter, to verify that she is, in fact, female.  ^_^  Five days later, I felt it was time to try to catch her and bring her inside.  I brought the carrier out to her spot, put some wet food in the back, and that lured her in (most of the way).  I had to gently help her the rest of the way in (which she at first didn't appreciate), we got her back to our apartment and I called my rescue partner, Mary.  Mary came and picked her up Monday morning and took her to her cat room at her place to stay in the interim until her shots were updated (which was done the next day), and she has an appointment to be spayed 18 February 2017.  From there, she'll be brought back to the cat room where she'll be able to recover and then once she's healed up, she'll be put up for adoption to a good, loving fur-ever home where she will live like the queen bee she deserves to be treated.  WE GOT HER OFF THE STREET.  After several months, SHE'S SAFE.  May she be it for a good long while and no other kitties come up stray.  Meantime, we're going to keep up putting food and fresh water out everyday.  ❤❤❤

Adopted Fall 2016  This guy is Jeremy. He was incredibly sweet and demanding of pets. He'd come out of the bushes when he'd hear Shawn and me in the mornings, and just talk our ears off about his day and his adventures. He'd go visit with Shawn while I got the food and water bowls set up for the day, and then he'd come over and visit with me a little, and then tuck right into his food. He's been matched with a new fur-ever home, and is doing well!

Adopted Fall 2016

This little lady is Skittles. My husband named her that because even though she was pretty friendly and quite chatty, when he reached to pet her, she shied away. Initially she was very skittish, so Skittles seemed to fit her. She eventually worked up trust enough to let us pet her and love on her. She's been matched with a new fur-ever family after being vetted and she's comfortable and happy now that she's safely off the street!  

Adopted Fall 2016
This beauty is Sweetie, so named because of her temperament. She is VERY sweet, just loves to be petted, loves attention, and comes running when she hears my husband and me in the mornings. She is going to make someone an amazing companion. UPDATE!  Sweetie has been rescued!  At the time of this writing, 17 October 16, my husband and I got done with our rounds, feeding the outdoor cats, and we started with Sweetie's 'station' first.  She came right out, loved on us, let us pick her up for cuddles and pets, and then she'd go eat and come back for more pets and love, and then she'd go back and eat some more.  She did this several times.  We tried to go to the other station, but she wanted to follow us.  I knew something had to be done soon.  We convinced her to go back to her food, told her we'd be back in the morning, we love her, and we'll see her later.  We left to the other station, and on the way back home, I just stopped and said, "No, we've got to get her TODAY.  She can't and shouldn't wait till later this week.  We can foster her until she can be picked up by our partner, and it'll not be too long, anyway.  This is just a stopgap to keep her safe."  My husband and I had a discussion about it (read: I told him I was doing this with or without him helping me), we went home and grabbed the small carrier, a dish and some wet food and a small blanket, and went out to her station.  She was out there, saw us and came running, excited that we'd come back to play with her some more.  I set the carrier down, opened the door, put the blanket in there as best I could, and put the dish with the food inside the carrier as far back as I could and told her, "It's okay, you're safe.  It's okay."  We talked to her, petted her, and she went and investigated the carrier, even went inside to check out the food.  She was almost all the way in, her back feet were on the grass, so when I knew she was good and distracted by the wet food, I gave her a gentle nudge the rest of the way into the carrier and closed and latched the door.  She didn't appreciate that, she meowed the whole way back to the apartment, and had a bit of a panic, but once we got her inside and into the bedroom so we could shut the other three cats we have (our cats) out, we let her out, and she almost immediately settled in.  My husband brought in bowls of water and food for her, there's a litter box already set up in the room, and we're keeping the bedroom door shut so our cats don't bother her.  She's already climbing on furniture, when we took a nap, she lay down on the bed next to us, she's already bonded with my dog.  She's quite playful, and my partner called and told me there's already someone interested in meeting and possibly adopting her!  I'M SO HAPPY!  UPDATE!!!  Sweetie's been adopted a few weeks ago, she's doing really well with her new family and new fur-sibling.  She and her new fur-sibling sleep next to each other, paws intertwined, they play together, they've been instant best friends since she was brought to her new home!

alt textThis is my Tommy (of Tommy and Brewsky). See the way he's laying in this picture? This was just taken not too long after he was integrated into the household (this photo was taken roughly about late-September/early-October-ish). When he first came to us to be fostered, the first two days he was here, he was TERRIFIED. He was confused, he was scared, he was just traumatized and had no idea what on earth was happening. Day three, he had bonded with our dog so much that he'd greet her before he'd greet Shawn and me! Now, he loves to run around like a madman (which is hilarious that he does that), he tries to play with my dog's tail when she's walking by close enough to where he's laying, he is learning how to be a cat. This little guy has come so far in such a short amount of time. There's something about a cat that lays like this, and they're asleep. It means they feel safe enough to show this kind of vulnerability while they're asleep. He amazes me every day with all his progress he makes.  

This sweet little gal is Sheila.  My husband's supervisor texted me on 7 April 2017 and told me that someone came up to the store, got her out of their car (carrier and all), and just left her in a shopping cart and drove away.  I threw together a small care package of sorts and hurried down to the store to meet the cat and give the gal some food for her.  Being an animal lover herself, she's decided she's going to keep the cat, named her Sheila, and now has her in her custody.  Sheila will be vetted on the 24th of April, and will have a fur-ever home with the young lady who saved her.

Meet Paul!  Paul showed up on my patio Easter Sunday morning at around 4.30 in the morning (Eastern).  My husband had gone outside for a bedtime cigarette, and he poked his head in to ask me if I knew anyone who belonged to a black and white kitty.  I told him no, not that I could think of, and he told me that there was a really beautiful little tuxie outside playing in our area.  An hour later, I took my dog out for her bedtime walk, and the cat was still out there.  As I was bringing my dog in for the night, the cat ran up to my dog and touched noses with her.  Then started weaving between my feet on the patio, wanting me to pet him.  I had my husband go get one of the carriers, we opened it up and set it on the patio, and he walked right in.  Only thing I had to do to help him was making sure his tail didn't get caught up in the door.  We named him Paul, because he looks like a Paul.  I got in touch with my rescue partner later that morning, letting her know what was going on, and she and I worked out a date and time for him to be picked up to be taken to the vet and then the cattery so he could recover from being neutered, and then he'll be put up for adoption!  ^_^  We're certain this guy's going to be easily adoptable because of how friendly he is.  The photo featured here was taken not even a full twelve hours after we brought him inside.  He's playful, he's quiet, but he's incredibly affectionate.

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