25 November 2017

Seasons Greed-ings.

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Good afternoon, everyone!

I promise I'm still around.  I had all my time and energy focused toward NaNoWriMo.  And now, here we are, the day after I nailed it with a final word count of 50,022 words.  That was spread out over several things, the bulk of it was my book, including edits, and a couple other projects.

Now, I am currently battling throat frogs and chest gremlins.  I have a cold.  It seemed to creep up last week and hit me full-force on Friday.  And now, I feel terrible.

01 November 2017

It begins! Happy November, y'all!

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Hello and Happy November (and all that jazz).

Today, Faithful Reader, I'd like to firstly apologize for the lapse in updates. Things here at TabEnd have been a bit hectic (to say the least), but now things are slowing down to a less-chaotic pace, even though NaNoWriMo started just 45 minutes ago. EEK! Not to worry, though, I've got myself (mostly) prepared this year. Notice I didn't say all the way. Ha.

25 September 2017

Oh, math, why must you confound me so?

Okay, where are my math whizzes out there?  C'mon, I know you're reading this.  Show of hands... 

Last year, for NaNoWriMo, I found this little gem on some random website.  Someone had put together a really clever worksheet for word tracking.  Last night - well, to be honest, I've wanted to do this for some time for the other WriMo months - I finally sat myself down and decided today's the day, it's getting done, I'm putting together a worksheet for ALL the months of the year, not just the WriMo months.

I direct this to you, Avid Reader!

Hey there!  I've got a question for all of you avid readers out there, if I may?

Do you remember what age you were when you fell in love with books?  And yes, comics totally count, too.  Do you remember what genre it was you were first exposed to that you decided, 'Hey, this is neat!' and couldn't get enough?

12 September 2017

RFS. Rebellious Follicle Syndrome. Yeah, it's a thing (totally lying, I made it up)

So, a few days ago, my neighbour French braided my hair.  It looked SUH-WEET.  I've not had hair long enough to do that in years.  When she did it, I'd not brushed my hair that morning, and y'all know how long my hair is, right, but it's also incredibly THICK.  Kinda like my skull.  ;) 

For reference on how long it's been since my hair's been French braided, I was in high school.  I'm now in my early 40s.  My hair has undergone all sorts of torture, hell I was even BALD for a spell when I was 20! 

Escapism isn't necessarily bad, mmkay?

I would like to take a moment to talk about mental health.

Regardless if you suffer from mental illness (like yours truly), or if you don't, we ALL need to take a moment (or few) to have some down time.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying, "I'm not going to people today.  No, today I am going to cat (or whatever animal floats your boat, I just happen to choose cat because with my own experience with my cats, they tend to just laze about all day, staring off into space, napping, eating, more staring off into space....)."  My husband likes to unwind by playing video games or reading funny stuff aloud to me from a group he's a member on for Veterans and Active Duty Military.  I love the stuff he shares because of the fact that a) it's beyond funny, and b) having been around a number of military personnel in my life, I do understand most of the humour.  There's been a tiny handful of times I've needed him to clarify a comment or story, but that's it.  :)  He's also an avid reader like myself.

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